Knightcore Kingdom Apk Free Download for Iphone 2022 New Apk for Android and Chromebook

Knightcore Kingdom Apk Free Download for Iphone 2022 New Apk for Android and Chromebook

Marscat Games Co., Ltd. 火星貓科技股份有限公司
Name Knightcore Kingdom
Package com.marscatgames.kksea
Publisher Marscat Games Co., Ltd. 火星貓科技股份有限公司
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Version 1.2.2
Size n/a
Requires Android
MOD Features Mega Menu
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Battle in 99sec, with RPG, SLG and RTS elements together.
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Knightcore Kingdom APK

Knightcore Kingdom – in this Android game you have to pray for rare waifu characters because they will be the backbone of our squad. The gameplay is divided into biomes and missions, before which you have to choose who exactly will go to protect the world. Of course, the voice acting is Japanese, and the text is English. Battles take place in auto-mode. We simply call the desired hero from the portal and watch how he destroys enemy creatures and then cracks down on the towers; it is for the last point that victory is awarded. Of course, Knightcore Kingdom your heroes also have a colorful ultimate, during which all attention turns to the selected character. For the victory we get three stars and materials for pumping.

★Battle Experience Combined RTS, RPG, and SLG★
A fast-paced strategy game knightcore is designed to best match the casual gameplay style on mobile phones with its 99-second battles. Players only need to assess Legion compositions and attack routes. Then, conquer maps using different heroes and army types to complete challenges. It isn’t time-consuming yet it is easy to play and requires skill. Whether it’s a defensive battle, flank attack, or base destruction and whatnot, players will feel that fast-paced, smooth, and stimulating gameplay.
★New Sequel to the Original IP★
After the Battle of the Lionheart, and the colors of the sky knightcore the moon in the sky falls apart, creating a number of space rifts called the “Time Caves” and causing monsters to swarm all over the lands. Players are to act as a Lord of Camelot and lead their Legions to reclaim the lost lands.


★Featured Scenes After Reclaiming Camelot★
This game shows Camelot’s worldview in its entirety. Each region is made with its own style and culture. Knightcore Kingdom are to rule and develop the lands after reclaiming them. Besides increasing resource outputs, training army types, and leveling up, restoring Camelot to how it was would also bring the players a sense of achievement.

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★Lead the Heroes and Fight Against the Demons★
Besides the King Knights from the previous game, all leaders and public figures in all major cities will be able to join you with other Heroes, e.g. the strong great elder of Eden, Alfie the adorable and smart inventor, and the holy and loyal High Priest Alice. It is for the players to find out the best way to put together their own Legions since all Heroes in the previous story will be available and they have all kinds of different moves and Enigmas.

★A Great Deal of Unique Army Types ★
Knightcore aesthetic Kingdom has a diverse collection of army types, e.g. the Lancelot army type that goes by the traditional codes of chivalry, the mechanical soldiers from knightcore universal that are known for their technologies, and even the magic-savvy soldiers from the secret forest outside of Eden along with the Lionheart soldiers. These battle units each have their own abilities that they are good at. It’s up to the players to learn about the different compositions and make the strongest Legion ever.

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