Memrise Learn Languages Premium Apk Full Version – Free Download 2022.7.12.2

Memrise Learn Languages Premium Apk Full Version – Free Download 2022.7.12.2

Name Memrise Easy Language Learning
Publisher Memrise
Category Education
Version 2022.7.12.2
Size 18.79 MB
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Full
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Have fun, learn fast and start speaking French, Spanish, German, Japanese
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Memrise Learn Languages Free Premium APK  is an application dedicated to learning languages, including English. Bringing many alternative training methods and receiving a lot of positive feedback from the community. Memrise gradually becomes an indispensable companion for those who want to improve their English proficiency.

Also, you will encounter the repeating element in memrise learn languages premium apk. For words you remember, memrise learn languages free premium apk  will ask less, and for words you do not keep, Memrise will ask more.

General Information

Do you know what an effective way to learn English is? What a troublesome question! However, perhaps most of us realize that using mobile applications is one of the many fast and effective ways to learn English vocabulary. Among the prominent names that many learners trust, memrise learn languages free premium apk  is gradually asserting its position.

Memrise also provides many approaches for learners. When using a computer, you can access memrise learn languages free premium apk  through a browser at or download an application to a smartphone from the Android or iOS store. By allowing users to follow many different methods, learning the language will be much more comfortable than traditional dictionaries.

Memrise attracts millions of self-taught users over 200 different languages ​​like English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, etc. memrise learn languages premium apk, developed by Ed Cooke, is a world-renowned memory trainer, so this app also inherits related methods. The key features of Memrise include:

  • The scientific learning system motivates your brain to learn up to 44 words/hour
  • Many games help train different aspects of memory: Visual Learning, Review & Consolidation, Quick Recall, and more.
  • Choose from 1000 top English courses to meet all of your learning needs: TOEFL, IELTS, Business English, English for Beginners, etc.
  • All classes are entirely free
  • The adaptive system tracks your learning and helps you review at the right time
  • Sample sentences, sounds, and clips

With Memrise, you will have one of the top language learning apps right away, but it’s free. The app provides a new and exciting way of learning without restricting users to a single framework. The convenience and flexibility of memrise learn languages premium apk is also an advantage that helps users practice anytime and anywhere.

How to Use Memrise Pro APK?

Source of Knowledge

When mentioning Memrise, we cannot help but mention a considerable documentary containing over 200 courses, 20,000 videos of native speakers, allowing you to go from zero to hero. All systems on Memrise’s platforms are compiled by language experts or highly specialized members, ensuring quality knowledge.

Coming to memrise learn languages free premium apk , you can contact and learn a multitude of languages ​​of different countries in the world from English, Spanish, French, German, to Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc. Only with a phone, anywhere, you can open the door to the world.

Operating System

With this interesting scientific mechanism, memrise learn languages free premium apk  deserves to be a useful English vocabulary learning software that cannot be ignored. Learn with Memrise you are beautifying your memory garden every day. Then together, please turn on the phone. We will talk in more detail about how to learn vocabulary with this exciting application!

  • First, you go to Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS), download the memrise learn languages free premium apk  app, and create an account.
  • Then, to choose the right course, visit and log in to your account. Here, you will be free to learn English vocabulary from basic to advanced, including specific topics for TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL.
  • Every day, after completing a lesson, you will receive one streak, which is the accumulated points. If you forget to learn from this app even for one day, the entire process will return to zero. It is the factor that motivates learners to persevere.
  • A useful tip when using Memrise to learn English vocabulary is to connect with your friends who are also using this app. The competition will always make learning a lot more enjoyable!
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A brief note for you is that although the courses on Memrise are entirely free, to use certain functions of the application, you need to upgrade and pay!

Other Features

We tried using Memrise’s premium version, but it is not much different from the free version. Billed to speak with native speakers but is not. Here, Memrise means that you can only hear a pre-recorded native speaker’s voice. Please consider when you pay fees for Memrise.

We use Duolingo and Babbel to learn before using Memrise. We have completed all the Babbel and Duolingo’s lessons. But when we move to Memrise, we feel that vocabulary and words in Memrise are much more difficult. It is more ordinary than we can use it in life. As for the voice pronunciation problem, Duolingo and Babbel is the pronunciation generator. Memrise is a real human voice, so it’s easier to hear.

If you are a competitor, Memrise is available. Here, you will see your level, score, and ranking compared to other friends in the same course. You can find more others and follow them.

Who should use Memrise?

Memrise cannot directly improve your English skills, but for memorizing lists, the content is excellent. Memorizing vocabulary is essential when learning a language. And tens of millions of people use Memrise as a useful tool for learning vocabulary.

Besides helping to memorize vocabulary, Memrise has many other uses. The site offers a wide range of academic courses such as SAT and GRE. And besides, users can also experience techniques with topics close to cities, capitals, culture, arts, etc. These courses are free.


Overall Assessments

As a learning app, memrise learn languages premium apk offers light yet practical approaches to knowledge. A relatively big difference between this app and other language learning apps is the fact that it provides knowledge lessons in life. It means that besides nearly 100 languages ​​globally, you can also learn knowledge about culture, society, history, etc.

The amount of foreign languages ​​provided in this application is tremendous. Besides prevalent languages ​​such as English, German, and French, there are languages ​​of small countries such as Napan, Somali, or quite old languages ​​such as Latin, Khmer, etc.

To increase efficiency in your studies, memrise learn languages premium apk always has settings available to remind you to study hard. You can also set learning levels to suit yourself so the system can remind you until you have met the target for the new day.

Besides, there is a scoring system in operation within this app. Each time you complete a lesson, it will award you a certain number of points. And there will always be rankings by week, by month, to see who is the hardest person in that lecture.


  • The knowledge base is vast and wide. You can find almost anything you want in Memrise.
  • The distribution of knowledge and practice is very suitable. You will force yourself to remember what you are learning to complete the lesson.


  • Lack of speaking practice in a language course.
  • The lecture arrangement is messy. It will take quite a while to find a lecture that is right for you.


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