Positional APK Free Download for Iphone 2022 New Apk for Chromebook OS Chrome

Positional APK Free Download for Iphone 2022 New Apk for Chromebook OS Chrome

Hamza Rizwan
Name Positional: Your Location Info
Package app.simple.positional
Publisher Hamza Rizwan
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Version 161
Size n/a
Requires Android
MOD Features Patched
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Sleek and Beautiful GPS tools and Geographical information app.
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Positional APK

Positional is a location based app that utilizes the phone’s GPS hardware and fetches various details of the current latitude and longitude data like Altitude, Speed, Address and similar other information and show it in easily understandable format to the user. Alongside this main functionality of being a location app, Positional also provides a separate panel for Compass, Level, Trail and Clock, and they serve their own purpose as the name suggests.

Compass provides info related to direction using Geomagnetic field, Clock fetches the time related information based on the current location, time zone and also sun’s information like Sunset, Sunrise, Twilight and many other info while the level can be used to get the plain deviation info and for many other purposes. Trail can be used for marking locations on the map and create a travel journal anywhere on the map using many contextual icons.

On top of all the core functionality, Positional is a highly polished app and provides another layer of a very carefully handcrafted minimal designs that organizes every information in a very pleasant way with amazing and beautiful physics based animations and still maintains to do what a location app is supposed to do.

Positional’s app interface is customized completely independent of the native APIs and everything is created completely from scratch to give the app a unique design structure and add many features without using too much device memory, making the whole app very lightweight.

What this app has –
• Easy to use
• Smooth, with fluid animations
• Minimal UI
• Many Accent Colors
• Customizable with various options to choose from
• Magnetic Compass
• Compass Sensor Speed
• Compass Physics properties
• Compass bloom
• Gimbal lock
• Minimal Map (with and without labels)
• Dark mode for maps
• High contrast map
• Satellite map
• Many pin styles for the entire app
• Media keys support for map
• GPS information
• Speedometer
• Altitude

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What this app does not do –
• Does not find nearby places
• Does not show any ads to the user
• Does not collect any sensitive information
• All calculations are done solely inside the app, no location data is sent to any kind of server

• Working GPS sensor with low latency
• Working Gravity and Magnetic sensor (calibrated)
• Working internet connection to load maps and other data

If you want to try the app before making a purchase, you can do so from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.simple.positional.lite

What's Modded Positional: Your Location Info


What's Latest New Positional: Your Location Info

• Inverted Gimbal Lock checked state to correct its context
• Changed app's default icon
• Fixed location icon blinking issue when using Android Location Provider
• Fixed darker status bar shade in some devices
• Fixed sweep trail lagging behind in smooth clock motion type
• Fixed clock widget crashing in Android 12 and above
• Fixed navigation bar overlapping the app in some devices
• Added Chinese (Traditional) translations
• Added landscape orientation support


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