Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG Apk Free Download for Iphone 2022 New Apk for Chromebook OS Chrome

Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG Apk Free Download for Iphone 2022 New Apk for Chromebook OS Chrome

Ltgames Global
Name Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG
Package com.cloudcade.ltgames.shl
Publisher Ltgames Global
Category Simulation
Version 1.8.0
Size Updated: 2022-09-27
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
Updated On
Build your Business Empire in this Epic Shop Tycoon Simulation RPG!
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Shop Heroes Legends

Pick up where your adventures left off and embark on a journey of legends…

Do you have what it takes to go from rags to riches and become the ultimate shopkeeper? mobile legends hero fragment shop  Equip and command mighty heroes to emerge victorious in battle against epic bosses lurking in the treacherous dungeons of Aragonia and carve your name in history as the top ranked shop hero! Immerse yourself in a Simulation Tycoon RPG like no other, where you are no longer the hero protagonist but rather the friendly shopkeeper that makes or breaks each heroes’ fate. shop heroes legends
What are you waiting for? Install Shop Heroes Legends for FREE to design, craft, build and quest your way to the top of the charts and emerge as the preeminent shop tycoon across all of Aragonia!

[ First and Foremost: Gold Matters! ]
Amass wealth by crafting, selling and expanding your shop.
– Unlock additional crafting slots to forge equipment more efficiently. The faster you can concurrently craft and sell, the more gold you will earn!

– Collect 500+ blueprints from dozens of item lines. Repeatedly crafting equipment will result in its mastery, leading to faster craft timers and reduced resource usage!
– Hire and motivate workers to accelerate your crafting output. Keeping workers motivated will increase the chance of exceptional quality crafts!
– Master the use of Shopkeeper’s Skills! Promotion allows you to attract a large number of customers within a short period of time; Inspiration enables you to accelerate crafting timers; Clearance can help you offload low-level equipment dusting in your inventory at once.


[ Shop Decoration is Crucial ]
– Purchasing multiple and upgrading Resource Bins will allow you to store more raw materials. Racks are required for selling items in the shop and attracting customers while the counter will increase your Energy capacity, allowing you to accelerate crafting timers!
– The glorious statues outside of your shop will both visualize your shopkeeping progress as well as provide rewards and buffs for reaching various milestones.  mobile legends hero fragment shop rotation 2021

In the first game of the saga, the only thing you could do was run and manage your store. However, in this second installment, you can expand your area of influence to the entire city. So, you can build new buildings around your store to create a city specializing in attending to the region’s best heroes and adventurers.

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[ Befriend Your Customers ]
Your hero customers can be recruited for adventuring once you are familiar with them. mobile legends next hero fragment shop update
– Attract dozens of unique heroes to your shop, each with a unique personality, set of hero quests and item types as preferences. Interact and familiarize yourself with your customers to increase your Affection with each hero. Understanding your customers’ needs will help you make the right choices to quickly increase your relationships with them.

[ Join a Guild & Ascend the Rankings ]
Form a guild with friends or other shopkeepers worldwide to collectively gain buffs. hero fragment shop mobile legends
– Each Guild has a dozen unique buildings, investing in them will reward both the individual player and all members within the guild with an instant buff. Buffs will stack based on the collective investments from all members and will increase resource output, enhance hero training and improve heroes’ adventuring stats, among others.

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What's Latest New Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG

SHOP HEROES LEGENDS Globally Released!
Optimization & Adjustment
1. Optimized the shop rating system.
2. Optimized NPCs' requirements for equipment and the way their affections accumulate.
3. Remade the Gacha system.
4. Fixed bugs that occurred during the beta test.

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